The Vaucluse Senior, or Vee Ess was designed in 1936 by Charles Sparrow and Sil Rohu, the designers of the Vee Jay. The photo on the left is of Vee Ess number 1 "Clipper" launched in May 1937.
Vee Esses were very popular in Victoria and were sailed at many clubs from the late 1930's until the late 1950's when it died out in Victoria.
The Vee Ess was redesigned and modernised in the late 1960's
(see March 1970 Seacraft cover, right).
Vee Esses have again been modernised and are still racing at several clubs in NSW.
Visit the class website for photos of the latest Vee Esses:
We would love to have any classic Vee Esses join us at one or all of our events. 
"CLIPPER" The first Vee Ess launched May 1937
"PANARI" 1959/60
Australian Champion

"CONTACT" 1965/66
Australian Champion

"FIREFLY" 1962/63
Australian Champion